Salinas Ecuador - Ecuador Beaches

In Ecuador beaches are beautiful beaches of Salinas Ecuador, Salinas beach in the coastal area of ​​Ecuador 120 km from the city of Guayaquil, and 540 km southwest of Quito.
On the beach in Salinas can find different ways to have fun and above all to enjoy with family or with friends, with peace and tranquility that only Salinas owns it.

Tourist attractions in Salinas are:

Sports tourism is led by the Salinas Yacht Club, Tennis championships, Lightning, fishing, surfing, soccer and beach volleyball.
Adventure tourism in Salinas, you can watch humpback whales during the months of June to September. As you can also hire services like, ride the banana, you can rent votes, jet skis, water floats, camping and enjoy the adventure that only you can imagine.
Rural Tourism and Cultural Salinas, learn about the customs and traditions of the Peninsula campuses.

If we talk about the cuisine that we offer our marina, is very rich in seafood, for those who love shellfish. You can enjoy delicious dishes of the Salinas area as crabs, breaded shrimp, soups sailor, ceviche of shrimp, conch, fish fillet, among many national and international dishes.
Even more if you are looking distracted, you can find in Salinas, as it has many bars, restaurants, karaoques, discos, where you can dance with your partner, or you can also get friends and ask them to dance with you, who knows may be your destination and have found the love of his life on the beach in Salinas.

And if you want to know about hotel infrastructure that has Salinas, it is really spectacular, as the city of Salinas has a very good hotel infrastructure, has hotels, hostels, cabins, where you can choose different prices, prices are logically and high prices for bolcillo comfortable.


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