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In Ecuador Beaches find the beautiful beach of Montanita, Montanita is located on the coast of Ecuador, particularly in the province of Santa Elena, Montanita Beach is 200 km from the city of Guayaquil.The Beach of Montanita is truly wonderful, for foreign and domestic tourists, has a beautiful beach, where you and your family can enjoy the sun and the beach.Montanita beach is ideal for surfers because the waves are designed to give them the lust that you were looking for, may make these beautiful waves of the beach and enjoy the most of Montanita, no worries and no distractions, waves on the beach of Montanita are up to 6 meters high, which is considered the perfect resort for surfers surfers. 

Many tourists who visit the beach of Montanita, consider it the best resort they have visited in the world, since in his cozy beach, visitors enjoy camping, partying until dawn, especially people living in the sector of the beach of Montanita, are kind and friendly to tourists and offer them better prices for their visitors, and every week the people of this area organized events, which has many tourist facilities, as this beautiful site is extremely partying and well organized.Places in Montanita, Whale Watching, Las Tunas, Ayampe, Ayangue, Colonche Chongon Mountains, Natural areas, waterfalls, and many more. 

Also in Montanita can enjoy the nightlife and this place does not sleep at all because his charm and culture asechara it day and night.On the streets of Montanita, there are all kinds of bars, restaurants, formal and informal, party all night, ecological cabins, you can also find vendors of crafts like necklaces, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc.Montanita Beach is considered the surfing capital of Ecuador, for this reason all year in this area is a holiday, because their foreign and domestic tourists visit it every day of the year is ideal to enjoy with family or friends , or if you just Montañita, do not worry, because in this beautiful beach known as Montanita, may also meet friends, friends, and who knows is the love of his life, all thanks to this beautiful tourist destination in Ecuador, as so is the beach of Montanita Ecuador. 

And if you are looking to sleep in Montanita, do not worry, the beach of Montanita, also has many hotels and inns, where you can choose different prices offered by the hotel service area Montañita, prices may vary the season that you visit this area of ​​Ecuador, you can find hotels and hostels with affordable prices that are not considered very high, you can find accommodation in hotels and hostels from $ 10 to $ 80, and depends on your bolcillo, or want adventure and wants to go save, since all you have to do is have a camping store and you can sleep on the beach of Montanita, without any fear, that something will happen in this beautiful place, since it is considered a site Peace for all tourists. 
If we speak of gastronomy that brings the beach of Montanita, then I recommend eating the delicious seafood that is fresh from the sea, and harvested exclusively by locals in the area of ​​Montanita, if you love seafood, is the right place to enjoy a unique cuisine in the world, you can eat with his family, breaded shrimp with lots of fried plantains, fried very delicious fish, crabs, shrimp ceviche, fish fillet breaded, among many delicious seafood imaginable, remember to visit the beach Montanita is the perfect place to enjoy with family or among friends, and may take a souvenir of this beautiful tourist Ecuador possesses only.

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