Surfing in Montanita Ecuador

Surfing in Montanita Ecuador is a beautiful place that Ecuador has, since the beach of Montanita is ideal for lovers ventura surfing, the waves are approximately Montañita has up to 6 meters high, and is considered the perfect place to Surf lovers in Ecuador, now the waves are heavily embraced by millions of tourists visiting this area of ​​Ecuador every year, especially from countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Central Europe, and U.S. and Ecuadorian them who love the adventure.
Surfers from different countries who visit the beach of Montanita for its beautiful waves, they do so with dedication and commitment, and especially in this place hosts many events for surfers, where anyone can participate in the various categories of surfing.
Besides the different events held in Montanita, are the bikinis in Women, in which men can enjoy the wonder that is women in bikinis, and taken thousands of pictures with many women who come to attend this beautiful event called Bikini Open.
And if you are looking where to stay in Montanita, then do not worry, as this beautiful area of ​​Ecuador, has many hotels and inns, where you can choose different prices, and above all accessible to all age groups, you can find hotels and flights from $ 10 to $ 80, and all depends on your bolcillo.


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